Gift card sales have now ended with all expiry dates extended to 23rd July 2024

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Digital Edition

Virtual cards delivered via email and available in PDF or digital wallet formats.

Physical Edition

Plastic gift cards, supplied on backing cards with envelopes included.


Standard LoveIOM

Use our standard LoveIOM branded gift cards.

Custom Branding

Customise your gift cards with your company's logo and colours.


Self Distribution

We'll email all of your gift cards to you, so you can forward them to your recipients yourself.

Direct Distribution

We'll email each gift card directly to your recipients based on a list your provide to us.

Preferred Distribution Date

A member of our team will contact you if we foresee any issues meeting this date.


Please carefully review your order and provide us with any additional information that may be relevant.

Digital Edition Gift Cards

£ 10.00

x 10

£ 100.00


£ 100.00

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